Meet Marisa

Philadelphia, PA.  Stephanie Bar Photography

Philadelphia, PA. Stephanie Bar Photography


Hey there!

I'm Marisa, the knitter and designer of CentroKnits. I'm an Annapolis, MD native but currently living in Philadelphia, PA. When I'm not knitting, you can find me outside with my pup, traveling frequently, almost always snacking on cheese curls and snowboarding in the winter. 

When I started working as a Registered Nurse, I was looking for a new creative hobby that involved SITTING. I did not expect how much I would fall in love with the smooth, rhythmic stitches of knitting and the value I would find in my work. 

I looked around one day and noticed the lack of quality and care in today's market. Our clothes and bedding that we lay on our skin every day are mass produced with two-day shipping, but do we find value in these items?

CentroKnits was created in 2017 to provide a modern twist to the traditional art of knitting. From chunky, cozy blankets and beanies to bralette knit tops, I've dedicated myself to slow fashion to ensure each piece is carefully knitted for you and your loved ones.